Christian Aid Week is from 14th to 20th May - 2017 - Many thanks to the Volunteers who delivered and collected envelopes. Please click through for the final total raised.

Posted by R.Broad on April 21, 2017

Many thanks to all of  the Volunteers who delivered and collected envelopes for Christian Aid Week. The sums raised are being finalised - if you still have any envelopes please ensure that all are returned to the Parish Office, thank you.


THE FINAL TOTAL WAS £1,427-43 - a great result for this supportive and needy cause - Thank you.


Christian Aid Information:-


The collection envelopes are at the back of the Church; please take a road or a street if you can, and help raise funds for this year’s campaign. Full details can be found at the bottom of this page.............


Christian Aid Week was set up 60 years ago to support work with refugees in Europe following the Second World War. Let's act again now, to help relieve suffering and build a world where everyone has a safe place to call home. 


We’ve been there for refugees since 1945.


We won’t turn our backs now. It’s better to die in a refugee camp than to die in a war. To risk your children’s lives in a plastic dinghy. And to leave everything you know behind. When the alternative is terror, bombs and bullets, almost anything is better. This is the terrible choice facing tens of millions of people worldwide - fleeing conflict and disaster, making dangerous journeys in search of safety.


Since Christian Aid Week began 60 years ago, volunteers from churches have collected house-to-house. Together they delivered more than seven million envelopes last year, each one sending a message about Jesus’ love and justice.


Every envelope delivered is also a chance to start a conversation, to introduce the local church. It’s an act of witness, proclaiming Jesus’ good news to the poor. It’s a sign of his kingdom, visible to the whole community.

And it’s a clear demonstration that Christians won’t stand by while our neighbours are suffering.


Envelopes and collector badges will be at the back of the Church in the weeks leading up to the collection week - please help if you can - please sign up for a road - if you have any queries please ask Stella or the office.


More information can be seen on the Christian Aid Web-Site - HERE


Christian Aid Week: 14 - 20 May 2017.

The collection envelopes are at the back of the Church; please take a road or a street if you can, and help raise funds for this year’s campaign. The important dates during the week are as follows:
Saturday 13th May, 10am - 12 noon:
Coffee Morning at High Street Methodist Church; there is a cake and produce stall - if you are able to provide any home-made food items (cakes, jams, chutneys etc.) please let Dorothy Strack-Hankey know (01628 311153; mobile 07743 323635;
Sunday 14th May, 6pm :
Christian Aid Service, United reform Church, West Street, Maidenhead
Sunday 14th May - Saturday 20th May :
Delivery and collection of envelopes
For those who haven’t been involved in Christian Aid Week before you are asked to deliver an envelope at the start of the week to the houses in the road / street that you pick, and to return at the end of the week to collect those envelopes; it is your choice as to exactly when you do that, provided the envelopes are collected by the end of Saturday 20th May. If you need any more information please speak to me. 
Thank you very much for your help; by collecting you will be joining with thousands to show God’s love by giving security and comfort to refugees.                                                                                                                                                                 Stella Harding