The Church heating boiler has failed three times over the last two years - The cost of repair was around £1,000 each time to repair and spares are not now guaranteed. A replacement will cost around £12,000 and we would like to replace the boiler before the winter to ensure continuity of heating. More information can be found in our appeal leaflet, a copy of which can be found here.


We are seeking contributions to help with the cost of this replacement.

UPDATE as at 21st August 2015


A big thank you to every-one who has supported and contributed to this appeal.


The target has now been reached and the new boiler has been ordered with installation scheduled to commence on Tuesday Sept 1st 2015.


Thank you



UPDATE as at 9th August 2015


Thanks to the generosity of our congregation, supported by two charitable donations, we have now raised approximately £10,000 with another £2,000 still needing to be raised.


Fr. Jeremy send his thanks to all of our supporters who have contributed and is sure that we will be able to raise the remaining amount before the boiler needs to be installed.


A special thanks to both Shanly Homes and the Louis Baylis Trust for their donations.


The Louis Baylis (Maidenhead Advertiser) Charitable Trust has made several donations to All Saints Church, and also to many charitable organisations in Maidenhead. Please visit their website for more information and details of grants made by the Trust.

Boiler showing two failure points where the casing melted from escape of hot combustion gases from the failed Heat Exchangers.