Posted by R.Broad on February 21, 2017

We are now into Year 2 of our PMC journey where we are encouraged to experiment with our Missional Adaptive Challenge. Our Missional Innovation Team are currently working to find our “Friendly Partners” who may lead us to discovering what is needed for young families to experience “Spirit filled encounters with God”.


At the same time, our PMC Steering Team are introducing the six Spiritual Practices to our congregation starting with Dwelling in the World and Announcing the Kingdom. Our exciting Lent programme will help us to Dwell in the World by hearing about examples of practical Christianity both locally and in our wider communities. We will have the opportunity to share hospitality with soup lunches, allowing us to have time to listen to one another to move us further into God’s mission in and for the world.


Please click on the links to access the documents - as a reminder our Missional Adaptive Challenge is:-


‘All Saints church recognises the need to develop/change/grow our heart and relationship with young families to welcome and nurture them. We seek to discover what is needed for Spirit-filled encounters with God, as we share the journey together to enrich all our lives at All Saints Church.'


More information about PMC and All Saints' journey can be found here.