Posted by R.Broad on July 20, 2019

Due to essential drainage works being carried out on Tues 23rd July 2019 access through, and to the rear of, the Church Car Park will be restricted.


The following letter has been sent to resident users and we thank you for your assistance with this. For all other Car Park users please take note of the restrictions.


Dear Neighbour,


On Tuesday 23 July 2019 a contractor will be working in the area between the rear of the Almshouse and the two garages closest to Boyn Hill Avenue to replace drainage pipework. The work is expected to be completed in one day but access to the garages will be blocked. It will be greatly appreciated if the vehicles in those garages could be parked in the church car park during the day. We do not definitely know which properties own the garages. The contractor expects to be on site around 8.00am.

Generally, for other users of the car park and property access, please be aware that  some contractor vehicles and equipment will be on site and may constrict your usual ease of access.

At an unspecified date the contractor will return to lay tarmac in the areas that have been excavated. There will no constraint in driving over the uneven surface until that time.